• D is for Darn It!

    So I was supposed to darn something. To mend. But I failed. But I’m going to succeed in my failure by talking about That Darn Cat! This is a movie I’ve never seen. It was made once in the 60s and once in the 90s and I missed it both times. In the 60s because I [...]

  • C is for Cemetery!

    Ah, fall! It is a time for sweaters, mugs of hot chocolate, and apple-picking. But in Los Angeles, fall is apparently but a stone’s throw from hell if we’re talking in terms of heat and inappropriateness. I was lucky enough to escape to New York, wherein I donned sweaters aplenty, gulped rivers of warm chocolate, [...]

  • C is for Charleston, Cooking, Cuisine, Cornbread, and Cheerwine

    Are you hungry?   We’ll T.D.F. is in the deep south this week (Charleston, South Carolina to be exact) and we suggest a little fare of the southern depths. Such as: Okra Tomato Soup: Whenever you can get fresh Okra, you should stew it up with some flavorful meat product (here we used Salt Pork but Pork Knuckles, [...]

  • B is for Book Blurb Review!

    Book blurbs are almost as important as book covers to me. I judge books by their covers. Sue me. But I also judge them by the content of their blurbs. If the blurb is merely ‘meh’ but the cover is stellar, I’ll still read a random selection of pages from within the book before deciding [...]


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