B is for Buttons!

You know what stinks about visual art? That’s right! That crap is fragile, it’s big, it smudges, it ain’t  water/snot resistant, you can’t wear it on your overcoat like a badge of honor, and it is bum-puckerin’ expensive.


We here at T.D.F. are the proud owners of a Badge-A-Minit button maker and as you can see, we have been busy making buttons. Their product is good, there are others that are good too, this is not a review of button makers, it is a celebration of button making! However here are links to the two best web-sites we’ve found:


BADGE-A-MINIT (snazzy and colorful plastic machines)


Dr. Don’s Buttons (more industrial looking but cheaper prices for the same quality)


All of these buttons are part the ongoing fulfillment process of William Greene’s Media Launch. They are also promotional material for his and Joel “Laser Wolf” Tarman’s unfounded musical collaboration: Fish-Heart-TV

Enjoy these buttons. Get a button maker. Make buttons of your own. Share them with us.




Pee Ess: While the more proper term for these items may well be badges, we chose and will continue to choose to refer to them as buttons.


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