The Word—Written and Otherwise

D is for Drinking

If, like me, you are the type of person who realizes that you’re going to die one day, then you probably like to get drunk. Not all the time, but most certainly sometimes. Perhapenstance even oftentimes. For myself, the precious state of being reffered to as good and drunk is a level of intoxication between [...]


C is for Cemetery!

Ah, fall! It is a time for sweaters, mugs of hot chocolate, and apple-picking. But in Los Angeles, fall is apparently but a stone’s throw from hell if we’re talking in terms of heat and inappropriateness. I was lucky enough to escape to New York, wherein I donned sweaters aplenty, gulped rivers of warm chocolate, [...]


C is for Charleston, Cooking, Cuisine, Cornbread, and Cheerwine

Are you hungry?   We’ll T.D.F. is in the deep south this week (Charleston, South Carolina to be exact) and we suggest a little fare of the southern depths. Such as: Okra Tomato Soup: Whenever you can get fresh Okra, you should stew it up with some flavorful meat product (here we used Salt Pork but Pork Knuckles, [...]


B is for Book Blurb Review!

Book blurbs are almost as important as book covers to me. I judge books by their covers. Sue me. But I also judge them by the content of their blurbs. If the blurb is merely ‘meh’ but the cover is stellar, I’ll still read a random selection of pages from within the book before deciding [...]

LOB (Lots O' Buttons)

B is for Buttons!

You know what stinks about visual art? That’s right! That crap is fragile, it’s big, it smudges, it ain’t  water/snot resistant, you can’t wear it on your overcoat like a badge of honor, and it is bum-puckerin’ expensive. AT LEAST UNTIL NOW: We here at T.D.F. are the proud owners of a Badge-A-Minit button maker [...]


Beiderwell Thinks

This week: Regionalism. In this series, SB takes the 5 minutes a week he is not at work, in traffic, playing with his kids, or asleep, to weigh in on an important issue (apologies to any office mates who may oppose the decision to work this in over, say, showering.) A recent New York Times [...]


Hot Dog of the Week!!

Whenever you find yourself in historic Chatsworth, there is little to do but pick up a chili dog at The Munch Box on Devonshire Blvd. Check out the primo Grub!!!! The chili on this dog is my favorite kind – cheap and probably canned! I kid you not when I say this sort of chili [...]


The Prologue to Will Greene’s Book Forthcoming:

Prologue             The child dives deeper than before—exhales a little, tries to see clearly what’s what along the river bottom. There she sets to working up her courage. Sunlight illuminates her father’s boulder from three sides. It stands up above her reaching a few feet out of the slow current there in the middle of [...]