Stony photos

Elena Stonaker’s New Sculptures

  Artist Statement: “This series is an exploration in positive manifestation and metamorphosis. I am currently interested with transformative spiritual practices, in transcending the bleakness of physical reality and becoming beings of a lighter and more vibrant nature. While in contemporary society dolls are generally viewed as child’s playthings, historically, dolls have been used in [...]

Automata With Tom Haney

  Tom Haney makes automata in Atlanta, GA. Here’s Will Greene’s interview with him in studio. Enjoy the good work.   Visit his website HERE!  

The 100 Days of Spring Project

Between March and June of 2011 Sam Haynor and Will Greene ran a store front on San Francisco’d exciting Market St. For 100 straight days they held at least one class and one event in the space or around the city. Here is a delicious sample of what there were able to ’round up. Check [...]

snow moustache

Sheldon Goes Apartment Hunting

Sheldon the passive-aggressive tiger is here! Click to watch the exciting tale of a tiger going apartment hunting!