Hot Dog of the Week!!

Whenever you find yourself in historic Chatsworth, there is little to do but pick up a chili dog at The Munch Box on Devonshire Blvd. Check out the primo Grub!!!!

The chili on this dog is my favorite kind – cheap and probably canned! I kid you not when I say this sort of chili is simply the best with which to top a dog. It’s not beany or spicy, more of a goopy topping that tastes like summer camp. If you’re looking for a gourmet dog, look elsewhere. This is a classic dog that would be best paired with a glass of lemonade and a beautiful summer’s day! Or at least a beautiful winter’s day in the San Fernando Valley.

You feel like you almost shouldn’t like the dog, since the chili is so clearly from a large vat. But you love it. It’s the kind of hot dog I imagine Jack Nicholson would eat: unapologetic and timeless.

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