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January 28th, 2012 - Historical Monument 157

Bird of Paradise presents Historical Monument 157 featuring the Summer Lovebirds, The Greene Family Review, a film by Laura Kadner, and a historical reenactment presented by Los Angeles Love Affair.

Doors at 7. Performances begin at 8.
Summer Lovebirds

The music of the Summer Lovebirds bursts through the batwing doors of a desert saloon.  But, the  moment you’re convinced you’ve entered nothing less than a Quentin Tarantino fight scene, delicate male/female harmonies or a kazoo solo will remind you that their music strikes a lovely balance between playful and badass.
Greene Family Review

From bongos to banjos, you never know what instruments the Greene Family Review will bring to their live performances.  But, you can always count on raw lyrics, inspired harmonies, and salty depths of charm. Their influences draw as much from fusion jazz as they do from folk-rock.  The result produces something equally familiar and unexpected.



[Historical Monument #157]
3110 N. Broadway Avenue
Lincoln Heights, CA 90031

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